The organic way to a better and healthy Garden – some Tips

Liquid Manure For Healthy Plants

    • Kachcha cowdung 2 Kg
    • Neem khali 11/2 ( one and half) Kg
    • Sarson khali 1 kg
    • Bonemeal 400 gms

Add to 20 litre of water. Leave for a week. Take the decoction, dilute 1: 15. Water every 15 to 20 days and see your plants blossom.

Natural pesticide


    • Bunch of neem leaves
    • Few Genda flowers
    • Beedi ka bundle
    • 2 Garlic pods crushed
    • 2-3 Aloe vera leaves chopped
    • Haldi around a tbsp


Boil strain let it cool down. Store in bottles. Dilute one cap full to a ltr water. Spray whenever weather changes or you notice any kind of pest infestation. This works on all kind of peat and diseases.


Other Important tips

    • For blossom end rot in tomatoes and capsicum fruit – uneven watering is the main cause so ensure that it’s done in a systematic manner. Still if the problem persists then take a pinch of pure chuna paste (lime paste). (Note :  Buy only from your nearest pan shop not the paint shop.) Dilute it well in 1 litre water. Let that water sit for atleast 3-4 hoursto release the heat from the chuna. Then spray only on plant not on soil as adding this mix to soil would alter the pH of the soil.
    • Sprinkling of Ash on plants especially fruiting plants not only acts as a pest repellent but also provides potash resulting in good growth in fruit size. Ideal time for sprinkling is at dew time or in the evening after spraying.
    • Diluted Desi cow gaumutra is also a very effective pest control measure. Add 300 ml of gaumutra to 16 litres water and spray.

Leaf curl Virus remedy

    • Take two table spoon of turmeric powder and mix well with 500 ml water, bring to boil and cool it. To this cold turmeric water add paste of 8-10 garlic pods. Mix well and filter it out through a tea strainer and use the filtrate.

Add water and make it one ltr. Spray well to the plant and pour same to the soil too. Do this weekly once and after 3 repetition you will see a change. The virus will leave your plant and go and the plant will heal well.  While in treatment, please ensure that your other similar plants sprayed with any other insects repellents. Just in case any sapsucker insects tries to innoculate the disease to healthy ones.

Soapnut spray for dust and pests cleanup

    • 1 reetha rind (de-seeded) soaked in 200 ml water overnight or boiled for instant use.
    • Squeeze it well, strain the water, increase it to 1 ltr and spray generously on all plants. This same rind is usable upto 3 times.

Spray once every 10 days .

This 2 day cycle of soapnut with citrus if done religiously thrice a month, then most of your garden will have least pest and better output.

There are a thousand pest repellant receipes available. But following just 2-3 will keep your gardening schedule short and simple and enjoyable.