Podcasts & Videos

Mushroom – The Super Food
How to set up a mushroom farm at home.

Water Tray Garden by Rachna Jain

Growing Summer Vegetables by Ms.Prabha Juglani

Preparing for a full bloom of Chrysanthemums  by Mahesh Mishraji

Terrarium – A quick demo

Protecting your pests from frost and pests by Dr.P.K.Pant

Basics of Rose Pruning by Rachna Jain

Smiley Pots by Krishna Sharma

Creating aesthetically beautiful balconies with Rashmi Singh

All about plant propagation. Practical know how to reproduce your own plants

All about Hydroponics- The Soilless Gardening

Preparing for Monsoons

Better Gardening

Herbs – Powerhouses of health and flavours

All you need to know about composting.

Eco Friendly Banana Leaf bowls

Evolution of Gardening

Growing Fruit Trees