• Time to prepare the soil and beds for  summer vegetables  and flowers.

– Sow summer squash and radish.

-Water Melon, Musk melon and Grapes can be sown.
-Prune old Grape vines.
– Keep mealy bugs and aphids  away from Mango trees by tying a plastic sheet on the  trunk two feet above the ground level and applying grease or mobil  oil.

– Remove suckers and dead flowers of Roses regularly. Feed Roses with cow dung manure.
– Keep removing dead winter flowers as well . Chrysanthemum blooms are over, so cut back to about 4″ tall and let them rest.

– Water in early morning to protect grass from frost . Spread cow dung manure on the grass and feed sterameal 1kg for 12′ by 12′ lawn. Keep removing weeds.

Tips: Spread cow dung manure on perennial plants bed and hoe every fifteen days.