Basics of Rose Pruning

Pruning roses at the right time is essential if you want your roses to give beautiful blooms.  Pruning stimulates growth and results in more blooms and a stronger plant overall..

  • Pruning promotes growth. Every cut results in healthy growth that will eventually bear flowers.
  • Pruning determines plant shape. Every cut causes growth to head in a specific direction. If you want your rose to grow a certain way, you can position cuts to coax growth toward that shape.
  • Annual pruning helps deter disease. When you prune to remove older or crossing stems in the center of the bush, you make it easier for sunlight and air to reach between branches. Increased air flow and sunlight dries wet leaves more quickly, which helps prevent disease outbreaks.
  • Pruning keeps a rose healthy. Whether canes are diseased, damaged or dying, a simple snip eliminates the problem and encourages remaining stems to grow stronger.