Bonsai Meeting 11-05-2023 – Working on the Formal Bonsai Style


The monthly Bonsai meeting of IHS for the month of May was hosted by Seema Mittal, Rajni Rastogi and Chanchal Gupta. The theme for this month was hand on practice on styling a formal style bonsai and understanding its salient characteristics. The demonstration was given on a beautiful Opercularia plant still in the training pot. The characteristics of this style were discussed and all the members were invited to give their view as to how to style the specimen plant.

Understanding then Formal Style

  • The bonsai of this style are reminiscent of trees growing in nature in an open location without stress.
  • The trunk line is vertical with the apex located over the center of the trunk base, and must taper from base to apex.
  • Each successive branch is, or appears to be, shorter than those below it and when the distance between branches decreases as they near the apex giving the appearance of triangle.
  • The branches follow the same rule as all other bonsai styles viz a viz its left right and and back branches.

The members picked up their tools and styled their own material, getting a hands on experience.

The meeting ended with tea followed with a sumptuous table laid out with yummy delicacies. A perfect culmination of a great meeting.