Ten Popular Creepers and Climbers

Creepers and climbers add beauty to your garden where they can be used to cover those unsightly spaces, or just as beautiful backdrops or coverings. Creepers left to trail across the ground or in a wide pot can create a carpet of greenery and flowers.

Creepers and climbers are not just limited to ornamental plants, but also include fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, squash, marrow, peas and beans to name a few.

Here are ten popular and easy to grow plants that can be used to adorn your garden.



Allamanda is a tropical vine that can be used on trellises. In full sun it produces huge trumpet-like flowers in yellow and pinkish mauve.


Also known as the Rangoon Creeper, this fast growing plant with its beautiful highly scented flowers can be trained to climb trellises, fences and walls.


Bengal Clock Vine

This vine, when in flower, creates a fragrant scene of blue. Living upto its name, it climbs in clockwise directions making it a popular choice for walls and fences.

Curtain Creeper

Also known as Parda Bel in Hindi, this evergreen plant falls like a green curtain providing a perfect covering for walls and fences.


Star Jasmine

The fragrant star-like flowers of this popular evergreen make a lovely addition to any garden. It can be grown in containers too, where it can be trained on trellises.

Morning Glory

This low maintenance plant creeps along on spindly vines and can be trained to cover walls, doors or any other places. A popular variety is the Railway Creeper which can be seen growing at many railway stations in India. The blue, pink and mauve trumpet like flowers of the Morning Glory plant are a vision to behold.



Bougainvillea is an easy to maintain and hardy shrub vine that is a popular choice for adorning roads and gardens. With regular pruning and full sun this plant rewards the grower with a profusion of flowers. The wide variety of colours and flower sizes makes this a very versatile choice. These plants can be grown in containers as well.


This herbaceous perennial grows in all light conditions, from full sun to full shade, however it requires full sun to reward the viewer with a wealth of small, daisy-like yellow flowers. Wedelia needs very little maintenance and will thrive almost everywhere, creating a thick carpet of green.

petrera volubis jpg

Petrea Volubis

Also known as Purple Wreath and Nilmani Lata in Hindi, this lovely small climber has drooping long racemes of violet purple star-like flowers. As it ages its small wooden trunk delights the artist with its dramatic curves.

Tecoma Capensis

This scrambling shrub will climb on the stems and branches of other plants if given a chance. It will also climb on boulders, trellises, fences and walls. It produces a cluster of flowers in hues of orange -red to apricot at different times throughout the year.