Rachna Jain

In this month as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of IHS, we pay tribute to its founder and Secretary, Ms. Rachna Jain, whose vision, determination and enthusiasm have taken a small community based flower show to an organisation that spans Delhi and beyond.

Always interested in plants and gardening, it wasn’t until later in life, after becoming a wife and mother, that she took this interest to the next level. In fact, she always acknowledges her son for his encouragement to pursue this interest. Ms. Jain attended courses and honed her skills in all aspects of gardening. A fine public speaker, and eager to share her knowledge, she very quickly went from student to teacher, delivering talks on topics related to gardening.

Her fascination for landscapes in containers, coupled with her abundant creativity led to her mastery in this field of gardening. Not content with just the artistic placement of plants and accessories, she has taken this art form to another level. The  landscapes she creates have a theme and tell a story. She is lauded far and wide for her unique and innovative landscapes in miniature and always in demand to demonstrate the same to members of other organisations.

Ms Rachna Jain has always recognised ‘the need of the hour’, encouraging members of the society to adopt natural gardening techniques; from using organic methods of gardening, to recycling and reusing waste materials.

Her vision of including children in the journey to a better environment is at the heart of the society’s mission and under her guidance members work tirelessly to achieve this goal.

Her positive attitude and pursuit for perfection ( a trait she attributes to her husband), are highly infectious, leading members to always ‘ go above and beyond ‘ to create something unique and entrancing that will inspire others to do the same.

Even in times of personal strife, she is an example of positivity and grace, showing how to keep giving your best even in difficult times.

Her leadership is the thread that binds the members together as a team that is ready and willing to explore new horizons. Ms Rachna Jain is truly an inspiration to us all.