Organic Soap – The Herbal Way

Soaps are an essential part of everyone’s daily life routines. They are used for removing germs, soils and other contaminants.

Chemical Based Soaps

The soaps widely used and available around the world are all chemical based soaps. They  are  generally made from oils and fats by treating them with several harmful chemical. They are nothing but  water-soluble sodium or potassium salts of fatty acids. Chemical soaps are sneaky, have toxic chemicals and are unsafe for health. They also contain harmful fragrances and dyes along with harmful substances. The toxins get released into the skin when it comes in contact and causes various skin allergies, skin rash, dryness and several skin problems. These toxins are further transferred to the water and soil resulting in their pollution.

Chemical Free or Organic Soaps

The chemical-free or organic soaps are toxin free, they do not have harmful chemicals and do not cause irritation.  These soaps are made from naturally occurring materials, totally chemical free,  containing glycerine( one of the best moisturisers) and have skin toning benefits. They are better for the environment as they do not pollute soil, air or water.

Chemical free soaps are easy to make at home for personal use.

How to make  chemical  free soap  at home

Ingredients :

1/2 cup mint leaves

1/2 cup basil leaves

1/2 cup neem leaves

2 Vitamin  E  capsule

2 tbs glycerin

5 tbs  rose water

1 tbs  mulethi  powder

Multani mitti

Method :

Grind mint basil and neem leaves and make a fine paste . Add  all the ingredients  into the paste .adjust the thickness with adding rose water . Put the paste  into small moulds and set aside. It takes 2-3 days  to dry.