My Bonsai Soil Mixture


( One bag means one cement bag )


  1. One bag ordinary brown garden soil
  2. Two bags of river sand
  3. 10 kg neem khal
  4. 10 kg bone meal

Mix them

Add 70% of this mixture to 30% buffalo old dung . (properly decompose and has become like soil).

For junipers and succulent bonsai plant mix half bag Badarpur which is used in construction note not dust only Badarpur or grit.

For liquid feed

  • Add approximately 1 kg buffalo dung,1 kg neem khal, 250 gm DAP to 20 litre water.
  • Leave this liquid at least 15 days.
  • After fifteen days take a one mug add in 20 litre water.
  • Apply before applying ensure that the soil of plants must be wet.