Microgreens, as the name suggests, are very tiny green plants which are packed with nutrition, health and flavour. They are the next stage of sprouts. They have more than 30 times nutrition in them than their adult plant. With the adult plant you are never consuming a whole plant, sometimes you are having its roots, shoot, stem or leaves; but here you are consuming the whole plant, even the roots also.

Microgreens are the next stage of sprouts. They are healthier because they grow little more than sprouts and chlorophyll is added in it. The nutrients are simple and easily digested and absorbed in the body.

Currently microgreens in India are being used in  high end restaurants to increase food appeal and for garnishing. They are also using them in salads and sandwiches to increase the nutritive food value of the dish. Microgreens should always be eaten raw.


How to Grow Microgreens

It is very easy to grow microgreens. The materials required to grow them are as follows:

  1. Growing medium which can be cocopeat, a mix of soil and cocopeat (which I am successful in), vermicompost, sand and they can be grown hydroponically also.
  2. Good seeds that have not been coated with any chemical. If you can get organic seeds even better.
  3. A spray bottle is a must.
  4. You need to have controlled  temperatures and light.
  5. Shallow containers because its an indoor farming and the medium needs to be recycled again.
  6. The growing medium should be sterilized.

The following is a list of microgreens: