Amita Bhargava

The Society is pleased to introduce Amita Bhargav as the ‘Inspiration of the Month.’

When IHS member, Amita Bhargava, shifted to Delhi after her marriage, she indulged in developing her skills in container gardening. She was not new to gardening, as, because of her  Army background,  she had  lived and travelled across North and North East India; places which are very conducive to gardening.

As a member of the Indraprastha Horticulture Society, she  got exposed to the art of tray gardens, bottle gardens, bonsai, etc.  Here she had the opportunity of meeting like-minded people with beautiful gardens and a love for plants. The shared experiences and knowledge allowed her to expand her skills as an avid gardener.

An undiagnosable medical condition  motivated her further to indulge in a new sector of gardening, and discover the magic of herbs and medicinal plants. These medicinal plants and herbs, she believes, made her survive and come out stronger, leaving behind the constant requirement of oxygen cylinders. During this time, she kept herself engaged in experimenting and developing skills of growing water lilies and other water plants on her terrace.  Along with this , she honed her skills in the art of grafting,  growing roses, adeniums and other plants.

Gardening, which was always a part of her life, has gradually turned into her passion.