IHS Website, It’s Here..

The much awaited Indraprastha Horticulture Society website was launched on 11.07.2021 by Ms.Rachna Jain, Secretary, IHS. She underlined the objectives and the need of a website from where visitors can get answers to all their queries from a single platform.  This was followed by encouraging words by the President, Ms Krishna Gupta; Treasurer, Ms Kavita Goel and Mr. Jain.

The Inauguration

Its Simple, its comprehensive, its useful – IHS website is a repository of information, techniques, videos, tips,  specially gathered through first hand experience of our members and exhaustive research on the internet, relevant to our climate and temperature. Designed and maintained by a dedicated team of members, Ms Renu Manglik, Ms Anju Gupta, Ms Dicky Bhatia and Dr. Jasjeet Kaur, its a sight for sore eyes.

The Launch

The Team