Healthy Herbal Drinks

Herbal Drink for Arthritis and Sciatica


6-7 nirgundi leaves

6-7 parijat leaves

Optional:  add  1 crushed giloy stem, 1/4 tsp haldi, ginger, methi seeds, flax seeds, ajwain. 1-2 ashwagandha roots.


First thing in morning, boil  these in 1 ½ glasses of water until the liquid is reduced to one glass.  Strain and drink,or divide into 2 doses, one for the morning and one for the evening.

Herbal Drink for Viral fever

  1.   Drinking of fluids every 30 min is suggested for viral fever.
  2. Coconut water or lemon honey warm water {never add honey to hot water as honey undergoes a toxic chemical change if added to hot or boiling water}.
  3. 3 Juices: Mausambi, apple, pomegranate, orange, papaya leaf, drumstick leaf, tulsi, mint.
  4. Soups: Lauki, unpeeled pumpkin and seeds, tomato, drumstick( leaves, stems and drumstick pods all can be added).
  5. Water boiled with 3-4 tulsi leaves and laxmitaru leaves (Simaroubaglauca), 2-3 giloy stems (Amrut,Guduchi). Add fresh or powdered haldi. If fresh is not available use  1 tsp powdered tulsi ,giloy and laxmitaru leaves.

Optional- add 1/4 tsp ginger, sounf, ajwain, cloves, cinnamon, nirgundi, parijat- fresh or powdered.

Herbal Drink for Skin Troubles or Rash 

  1. 1.A few neem leaves soaked in water, giloy and sandalwood if available.
  2. Flower water:Mogra, Jasmine, sontaka , parijat, neem flowers. On availability  lavender, elder flowers, chamomile, lime flowers. A teaspoon or a pinch of all or any of these can be added to boiled water or soaked in cooled water. This is soothing and acts as a  sedative. Can be sipped throughout the day.
  3. Tamarind flowers,leaves and pods (Imli)- For rash, prickly heat and swelling due to heat and pitta, indigestion.


Make a paste of  the flowers and leaves, soak 1 pod in water, mix in the water and strain. Mix palm candy, natural jaggery or honey and drink.

  1. Palash/Tesu(Flame of the forest)- Good for skin troubles, for urine retention and stomach problems, reduces pitta and cough, good for digestion. Drink a decoction of flowers and leaves.
  1. Hibiscus/Shoe flower (red and white) –skin troubles due to heat,Prickly heat, hairfall, diabetes, menstrual problems, heat in body.

Make juice a syrup or decoction out of flowers (leaves can also be used).White flowers cure leucorrhoea in women. In South India they beat the heat with red hibiscus sherbet and its oil to cool the head and promote hair growth. Up North the flower syrup is used for  hormonal balance and immunity. Drinking water of flowers and leaves soaked or as a juice is also good for hair growth.

Herbal Drink for Cold, cough and respiratory ailments

  1. Tulsi (basil), leaves and flowers, lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon can be boiled and drunk as a herbal tea.
  2. Adulsa,(Vasa, justicia, adhatoda)- boil 5-6 leaves in 2 glasses of water. Divide into 4 doses and drink 4 times a day.This is a  powerful decongestant. Juice can also be made of the flowers and leaves. Tulsileaves,fresh ginger and haldi, the water of ajwain, cloves and cinnamon can also be added.
  3. Nasturtium (yellow,orange or both)- Drink as a tonic to clear a blocked nose. Good for sinusitis also. Soak leaves and flowers (or a crushed paste) and drink the decoction.

Orange Herbal Infusion


1/4 cup Basil (tulsi) leaves

1/4 cup Mint (pudina) leaves

1 cup fresh Orange juice

Crushed ice


Grind crushed ice, mint leaves, basil leaves and orange juice in blender.

Pour it in a tall glass. Garnish with mint leaves.

Benefits: Orange juice helps in metabolism and has antioxidants.

Basil leaves are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents apart from helping in fighting stress and improving digestion.

Mint leaves are a powerhouse of vitamin C, dietary fibre and iron. They also keep your skin radiant and hair healthy.