Go Green Project

We all have a responsibility towards our planet and the environment, both of  which have been rapidly degrading due to human activities. It is of utmost importance that each one of so does his/her part to put a stop to this  degradation and help restore in restoration. The need of the hour is to build an army of soldiers to combat this problem which, if left untackled, will make our planet inhabitable.

Indraprastha Horticulture Society has been continuously working in this direction through its social initiatives and community involvement steps. It has been proactive in educating residents, creating awareness and helping them create green spaces. It has encouraged them to try and reclaim every nook and corner available to them, be it their terraces, balconies, unused waste land, parks etc.

Believing that “It’s not enough to prepare our children for the future, we must prepare the future for our children,” in 2019 IHS members actively participated in the ‘Go Green’ project carried out at Universal Public School, PreetVihar, Delhi. The aim of this project was to introduce nature to  concrete jungles  using simple, inexpensive, affordable techniques. Demonstrations, workshops, lectures and visits to member homes were organized for the students by the society. The students actively participated in various activities and vowed to share what they had learned with their friends and neighbours.