Fulfilling our Social Responsibilities

We live in a world today where the environmental degradation is happening at a very fast rate. Immediate steps need to be taken to put things right otherwise our children would be left with no world to live in, no air to breathe and no water to drink. We should remember that we have not inherited this planet from our parents but borrowed it from our children. It can now no longer be left only  to the governments to work towards a solution but all individuals need  to play a part in it.

IHS,  since its inception, has been working diligently towards fulfilling its social responsibility by creating awareness and helping  people in the society to create green environments. The members of the society have over the past several years reclaimed neglected parks, spaces, garbage dumps and  worked with the local residents to create green havens.

Enthusiastic Students of Sneh Intenational School

Having realized that it is the youth in whom the love of plants need to be seeded, who need to be made aware and their energies channelized towards creating a greener environment, IHS has in its various initiatives worked with school children. IHS assisted the Eco club of Sneh International School, Delhi for a year to create environmental awareness among its students. The IHS members gave talks, did demonstrations on terrariums, bottle gardens, landscapes making etc. The enthusiastic students carried the learning experience to their homes and helped in spreading the message amongst their friends and neighbours.

The Children's work
Catching them young - Generating Interest - Students of Universal Public School

IHS members also worked with the students of Universal Public School, Preet Vihar, Delhi on their British Council ISA award “GO Green” project. The members gave lectures, gave demos, conducted workshops, invited students to their homes for a tour of their gardens and balconies.

Gifting Plants to Children
Catching them young - The Plantation Drive

The little ones have been regularly a part of IHS plantation drives and the society has been carrying out various planting activities with them to inculcate a love for plants in them and inspire them.

Working with Ladies of Amba Foundation

IHS conducted workshops for Amba Foundation on how to use everyday spices from the kitchen shelf, fruits and vegetables for health and wellness. On Environment Day a workshop was organized for its members on the basics of gardening and how to use waste material from their house as pots and planters. Similar workshop and lecture was organized for RWA Vivek Vihar Mahila Association in association with Greenfield Public School, Vivek Vihar, Delhi. The members of the association were gifted plants by IHS.

Sabarmati Ashram Display - Best from Waste

So much of the things we throw away in dustbins can be reused to create aesthetically beautiful pieces to decorate our houses, balconies and gardens. Over the years our members have displayed beautiful landscape displays using waste bottles, boxes, cartons, tyres, clothes, shoes, furniture etc. IHS was invited to Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, New Delhi to create such a display. The display was the highlight of the show and was highly appreciated by all visitors. The beautifully and aesthetically designed Sabarmati Ashram display was a source of inspiration for many, as it gave them a whole new perspective on the reuse of items considered waste.