Competitions Calender (New)

General Contest Rules and Guidelines


  1. The Competition is open to all  members and non-members.
  2. All entries to be sent through the online entry form available on our website.
  3. Indraprastha Horticulture Society reserves the right to publish or share entries on social media as it deems fit.
  4. Only one entry per participant per competition will be entertained.  After submission no changes will be allowed in the data entered nor will it be cancelled.
  5. All uploaded file names should contain the full name of the contestant. Failure to comply can lead to disqualification.
  6. All entries will be judged by a panel of experts. There will be three prizes, first, second and third.
  7. All judgements will be final.

Entry fee of Rs.100 per competition entry for non-members only.

Fees  to be paid by Paytm on +91 98711 49973
Please send screenshot of payment by Whatsapp to the same number.

Please Note :

All  entries to be submitted only through the form available on the link given below.

Videos for any event, if required to be submitted, have  to be sent on the iahs email

For Enquiries pls contact us on 91 9891251290,  91 9971505460  or through Email to

Sumptuous September

        1. Microgreens – Nutrition in Abundance

        2. Select Vegetable of the Month.


Merry March 

    1. Group of  Xerophytes.
    2. My Stunning Cactus / Succulent.
    3. March Munchie  – Vegetable of the Month.

Amazing April

    1. Variety is the Spice of Life –  Variegated Plants.
    2. Terrariums- Wonderland in a Glass Container.
    3. My Amazing  April Vegetable.

Moods of May

    1. Landscapes in Miniature.
    2. Children’s Creativity in Gardening.
    3. May we see your Vegetable of the Month.

Jump into June

1.Show Stopper – Extraordinary Fruit or Vegetable

2.Plant/Creeper  with Most Abundant Fruits  or Vegetables

Focus  on July

    1. Focus on Foliage Plants.
    2. Summer Bulbs in Flower.
    3. Summer Vegetable.


Abundant August

    1. Just Hanging Around – Baskets in August.
    2. My Aquatic Garden / Landscape in Water.
    3. Vegetable of the Month.


Sumptuous September

    1. Microgreens – Nutrition in Abundance
    2. Select Vegetable of the Month.

Only in October

    1. My Best Bonsai.
    2. Best Vegetable of October.


Cozy November

    1. Bizarre Planter.
    2. Exotic Herbal Corner.
    3. Vegetable of the Month.


Festive December

    1. Veggies of my Terrace
    2. Chrysanthemums Arrangement

Chilly January

    1. Dazzling Dahlias.
    2. Vegetable of the Month.