About Our Society

About Us

Indraprastha Horticulture Society (IHS) was formed in 1988 by Ms. Rachna Jain with a view to bring garden lovers on a shared and common platform. The initiative started with twelve members and has now blossomed into a vibrant family of over two hundred members. With each passing year, an increasing number of nature lovers are recognizing the society’s cause, its vision and efforts in spreading care, love and concern for nature and the environment.

The society holds monthly meetings for its members, wherein lectures and demonstrations on various topics encompassing horticulture and kitchen gardening, food and nutrition, flower arrangements, vegetable carving, and much more are covered. Workshops and training programs are also organized to impart practical knowledge on making bonsais, tray gardens, preservation of food, composting etc.

During recent times, when physical meetings were not possible due to the prevailing pandemic, the society reached out to its members through webinars. Several well-known speakers imparted guidance on growing fruits, vegetables, flowering plants, conserving the environment by home composting, as well as healthy living.

The annual flower show of IHS has become a must visit for people of Delhi and NCR region. Government departments, schools, colleges, institutions and parks put up their entries, and winning a prize at this show has become a matter of pride.

Aims & Objectives of IHS

  1. To nurture gardens.
  2. To help its members improve their gardening skills.
  3. To help plant enthusiasts connect, guide and share with each other.
  4. To turn wastelands into green lands, thus improving the city’s green cover.
  5. To inculcate a love for gardening in children by arranging interesting workshops, demonstrations and talks.
  6. To encourage organic farming.
  7. To help cut back on waste by the reuse, recycle and reduce method.

Our Team

1st Row L to R: Meenakshi Goel, Renu Manglik, Kavita Goel (Treasurer), Krishna Gupta (President), Rachna Jain (Secretary), Kusum Gupta, Krishna Gupta, Jasjeet Kaur
2nd Row L to R: Dicky Bhatia, Sunita Kumar, Anju Gupta, Sumita Gupta, Savita Sareen, Ruchika Gupta,  Neena Sethi, Shashi Ahuja, Farzana Saeed

With each passing year the membership of IHS has grown. IHS opened its first unit in Ghaziabad in 2019 followed by its second unit in Dehradun in the year 2022.

Ghaziabad Unit (2019)


Dehradun Unit (2019)